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  • Saturday, 01 April 2023
16-point Code of Azadari for the oncoming Muharramul Haram 1443

16-point Code of Azadari for the oncoming Muharramul Haram 1443


The Patron-in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulema Board and chief of the Tehreek Nifaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced a 16-point Code of Azadari for the oncoming Muharramul Haram 1443, at a crowded Press conference here at the headquarters of the Maktab-e-Tashih. He made it clear that Azadari is our jugular vein and fundamental right, which is the peaceful universal protest of the oppressed against global colonialism. Government should take notice of threatening Azadaran with Schedule-4 and bids to stop Azadari rites in Imambargahs. The Zikr-e-Hussain (A.S.) should be kept alive for the sake of survival and stability of religion and motherland, and to root out the enemy. Taliban should give priority to justice and fair-paly to earn respect for their name. No Zakir can address a Majlis by wearing a mask, therefore, the SOPs should be made practicable. We are not afraid of situation in Afghanistan as the big oppressors are wiped out in the past but the Zikr-e-Hussain (A.S.) and Azadari are still intact. One who insults Sahaba (R.A.) is not from amongst us but reiterating the history should not be considered humiliation. Any desecration and humiliation of them is an attack on our faith and the Asaas of the motherland. The government has taken no step on the desecration of Aaima Ahle Bait (A.S.).
Explaining the first three points of Code of Azadari, Agha Moosavi demanded that the government should abide by May 21, 1985 agreement regarding taking out of Azadari processions; punctuality and discipline should be observed in Azadari rites and Azadari processions; effective arrangements should be made for lighting and cleanliness at places of Majalis-e-Aza and on the procession routes. Azadari Cell Control Rooms should be set up at the Ministry of Interior, Federal Capital, all provinces including Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan which should work till 8 Rabi-ul-Awwal and advertise them through media so that possible problems of Azadaran can be resolved. These Control Rooms should be connected with the Azadari Cell of TNFJ's Central Muharram Committee. Troubled and sensitive cities should be handed over to the army and effective security measures should be taken ahead of time during Azadari processions, Azadari rites, and no one should be allowed to take the law into his own hands.
Answering various questions on the occasion, he said that he who condemns the army condemns Pakistan. Welcoming the proscribed parties is a matter of concern. Owing to such situation terrorism incident took place in Bahawalnagar Imambargah because every Government and Peace Committee meeting is attended by the banned parties, the government calls the banned parties every day. They are not ready to listen to the patriotic people, therefore, how can the incidents of insult end in these circumstances. A controversial person who welcomes the proscribed parties has been made the chairman of the United Ulema Board. Why SOPs in Kashmir and Sialkot election campaign were not taken care of but are now being applied to mourners. Aerial firing in the presence of Chief Minister is a question mark. Pakistan is not Shia or Sunni state but the Islamic State but despite this, efforts are being made to impose one jurisprudence on another, in our presence no one can impose one belief on another. A biased person has been made the head of the curriculum committee which resulted in a biased curriculum. The terrorist elements also took part in the election, they were made members of the Legislative Assembly. PTI should show justice. the United States came to Afghanistan and created problems and when withdrawing, the problems were created again. Following the concept of Zibh-e-Azeem Imam Aali Muqaam Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S.) enlightened the garden of Shariat in the hot plains of Karbala-e-Moallah with his blood.
Agha Moosavi while further explaining remaining 13 points of the Code of Azadari said:
• The Anti-Terrorism Act and the National Action Plan should be implemented in accordance with its spirit so that Operation Raddul Fasaad becomes ultimately successful and the country becomes the hub of peace.
• Strict crackdown should be carried out on officially proscribed terrorist groups, their facilitators and elders and no concessions should be given to them.
• No such order should be issued which would deprive the Azadaran and any citizen of their rights. All security arrangements during the Majalis should be ensured well in advance.
• There should be no hindrance in Azadari rites and Azadari processions. God forbid, if there is any problem, first the Azadari program should be concluded with dignity and honour and the issue may be resolved thereafter amicably.
• No load shedding should be carried out during the Ashra-e-Muharram.
• The founders of Majalis too should ensure security arrangements, walk-through gates, masks and other precautions themselves; the people should remain vigilant, and keep a close eye on suspicious persons and objects.
• The beliefs and ideologies of all schools of thought should be respected and Seerat-e-Masoomin should be kept in view in order to propagate your faith in a positive manner; priority should be given to the survival and security of the beloved homeland over everything else; No interference should be made in the beliefs and ideologies of others.
• Political activities should be avoided and Azadari should be given priority during the Ashra-e-Muharram.
• Muharram is attributed to the Shuhada-e-Karbala. Therefore, the media should cover the events of Karbala from the Chand Raat till the Youm-e-Ashoor; electronic media should avoid telecasting dramas, sports, musical and comedy programs; newspapers should publish special editions.
• Women should follow the Seerat of Mukhaderat-e-Ismat and Taharat and men should follow the path of Mashaheer-e-Islam.
• Examinations to be held in educational institutions during the Ashra-e-Muharram should be postponed.
• Instead of imposing restrictions on the entry of Zakireen and Waizeen in different districts and restrictions on their speeches, they should be made bound to follow the code of conduct.
• It is a matter of concern that at some places the law of Schedule-4 is being used on innocents and is only being used as an eye-wash. Therefore, the government should reconsider it, don’t drive them all with the same stick; innocent and peaceful citizens should be removed from the Schedule-4 because whereas it is directly tarnishing the credibility of the National Action Plan but also indirectly benefits the real terrorists.
The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said the Code of Azadari is practical for all schools of thought and the followers of all religions. He was confident that all Azadaran, politicians and rulers will thwart every conspiracy of the enemy by practically following the Code of Azadari.


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